NodeMaster is INTECs comprehensive implementation and analysis software tool for the drives of the PCS-series.

From basic commanding of velocity and positioning instructions to the graphical presentation of drive parameters, the monitoring and anaysis of the bus traffic or the execution of complex, program controlled processes: NodeMaster is the powerful tool on the side of the PCS drives, that guarantees a comfortable implementation and extensive analysis.

NodeMaster is available in two versions: The free of charge NodeMaster Basic and NodeMaster Professional with full functional range. Both versions require the PCS tool NodeConnect for the communication with the CAN-bus.

NodeMaster features:

  • Modes of Operation: Easy commanding of velocity and positioning instructions
  • Status Monitor: Status-monitoring of connected bus nodes
  • Node Configuration: Assignment of NodeID und Baudrate
  • Object Dictionary: Comfortable access to the CANopen object dictionary
  • Scan / Multi Scan: Search for connected CANopen nodes
  • Download / Multi Download: Download of new firmware
  • Bus Monitor: Monitoring and analysis of the bus traffic
  • Drive Sequence: Generation and execution of positioning sequences
  • Transmit Client: Manual transmission of CAN-frames (Professional only)
  • Scope: Graphical display of drive parameters (Professional only)
  • Python: Programming interface for generation and execution of complex processes (Professional only)