Wood processing machines  
A variety of different drive systems used for tool changer, transport systems or edge band. High dynamic interpolation drives can be found in CNC milling machines for wood and acrylic glass.
Soldering systems  
Servo drives for positioning drives in format adjustments or speed drives for transport or pump applications. Flexibility for internal and external solutions due to limited mounting space and reliable under high temperature environment.
Cutting machines  
Integrated drives with high positioning accuracy, low velocity and torque ripple to transport and align cutting systems using absolut-multiturn-encoder and field oriented control (FOC).
Grinding and polishing machines  
Versatile drive components used for processing solutions in optical industries. To position and transport work pieces using the external, compact and effecient MultiDrive-System (with up to 4 drives) or with single integrated drives.
Mobile satellite communication  
Robust drive systems for positioning and automatical tracking of sat-antennas. High accuracy in positioning combined with a weatherproof and compact design.
Printing machines  
Various drive solutions for transport, positioning and pumping operations. With extended digital and analog I/O interface used to integrated external sensors such as print mark detection.
Cleanroom and air handling systems  
Reliable 1-quadrant drive controller for EC motors. Continuous and maintenance-free operation used in ventilation and pump application or conveyor systems.